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Laminate Flooring is a multi-layered wood based floating floor system that offers durability, a wide range of design options, easy maintenance and affordability. Europeans have enjoyed the benefits and features of laminate flooring for decades. Only now is laminate flooring making a major impact in the US and Canada. Laminate flooring is the one of the most versatile, durable and well-constructed types of flooring on the market today. The major attraction to laminate flooring is that is very attractive, affordable and easy to maintain.

LIQUIDATORS.TV Types of Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring is available in one of 2 types, planks and tiles.

• Laminate flooring planks can be interlocking or tongue and groove.
• Laminate flooring tiles have tongue and groove edges.

There are many different manufactures of laminate flooring and as the laminate flooring producers continue to expand colors, styles and increase quality, the growth of laminate flooring industry will continue. However, regardless of the changes and enhancements people may make to laminate flooring, the one consistent is finding the best subflooring material available. .

LIQUIDATORS. TV Benefits of Laminated Flooring

A laminated floor that is properly installed, protected and maintained will go a long way to help your laminated floor last as long as your home. Some benefits of a laminated floor are:

• A laminated floor is tough and durable
• A laminated floor is chemical resistant
• A laminated floor can be easily cleaned
• A laminated floor can resist dropped cigarettes for a time without burning the laminated floor
• A laminated floor will keep its color or design for years. Sunlight will not fade a laminated floor
• A laminated floor is hypoallergenic. The laminated floor repels dust, dustmites and other allergy causing particles
• A laminated floor is stain resistant
• Cleaning up a spill on a laminated floor is as simple as wiping up the mess.
• Installing a laminated floor is quick and easy
• A laminated floor requires no nails
• A laminated floor comes in many different designs and colors
• Scuff marks can be easily cleaned off a laminated floor

LIQUIDATORS.TV Laminated Floor ing is Available in your Nearby Homestore

You can purchase a laminated floor at any major hardware store. The price of a laminated floor varies depending on style, design and manufacturer. Regardless of where you buy your laminated floor you will still need a subfloor to install it on. The best laminated floor subfloor protects against moisture and helps lengthen the life of your laminated floor.

LIQUIDATORS.TV Laminate Floor Ratings


Laminate floor ratings are based on a number of things. Some items you should look for when comparing laminate floor ratings are:

• Strength and durability of the laminate floor
• Type of laminate floor finish used
• Is it high or medium density fiber board
• AC wear and use rating

The AC wear and use rating is broken down into the following laminate floor ratings: • AC2 -21 Moderate residential is the lowest of the laminate floor ratings and should only be used for low use areas such as the bedroom

• AC2 -22 General residential is good for common areas such as family rooms and dining rooms
• AC3 -23 Heavy Residential has the highest of the residential laminate floor ratings and can be used in all areas of the home
• AC3 -31 Moderate Commercial is the lowest of the commercial laminate floor ratings and should be used in low traffic areas such as hotel rooms
• AC4 -32 General Commercial can be used in all residential areas and is also suitable for large offices and coffee houses
• AC5 -33 Heavy Commercial is the highest of the laminate floor ratings and can be used in heavy commercial areas such as department stores and shopping centers

LIQUIDATORS.TV Protection & Maintenance of A Laminate Floor

Protection and Maintenance of a Laminate Floor Can anyone install a laminate floor? The answer is yes. Since the inception of the laminate floor, its ease of maintenance and installation has become its largest asset. Other benefits to a laminate floor are its composition, construction and extremely hard Aluminium Oxide wear layer. Properly installed laminate floors with a high quality subfloor. General daily maintenance of your laminate floor is as simple as vacuuming, sweeping or dust mopping. Several generic cleaning solutions are also available to clean a laminate floor. Most major laminate floor manufacturers also have their own cleaning kits with instructions. It is very important that you follow the maintenance schedule of the laminate floor product you purchase. Virtually all laminate floor warranties require specific maintenance schedules. Laminate floor are a very durable flooring option however; they can be damaged without the proper care and subfloor materials. The best way to keep your laminate floor its best is to understand its limitations. You must follow the maintenance techniques and schedules of the laminate floor you purchase. Never mop laminate floors with soap and water as the water and is not good for your laminate floor. You should also use floor protectors, such as felt under chairs and furniture on your laminate floor. Even though laminate floor are fade, stain, dent, burn and scratch resistant, it's still possible that you may end up with a scratch, "nick" or dent in your laminate floor. There are simple kits you can buy to repair these problems however problems such as water damage need to be solved before you even lay your laminate floor. Products such as as a subfloor installed below your laminate floor will keep moisture away from your Laminate floor and allow moisture to drain away.. Installing subfloors is as simple as rolling it out and cutting it to fit.

LIQUIDATORS.TV Laminated Flooring Layers

Laminated flooring may be thin but within that thin laminated flooring, are 4 different layers. The layers for laminated flooring are a wear layer, design layer, wood core and a balancing layer. The laminated Flooring wear layer is designed to be a transparent, scratch and stain resistant layer. The laminated flooring design layer is layer with various patterns that range from wood grains to colorful, fancy, decorative and intricate laminated flooring designs. The laminated flooring core layer is made from either medium density fiberboard (M.D.F) or high-density fiberboard (H.D.F). The laminated flooring core layer is generally manufactured with water resistant glue. The laminated flooring balancing or stabilizing layer generally has a melamine resin infused into it to help reduce cupping and warping.

LIQUIDATORS.TV Moisture & Laminated Flooring

Laminated flooring is generally constructed using waterproof glue but does not make laminated flooring waterproof. Because Laminated flooring is made of fiberboard, it will absorb moisture and swell however the waterproof glue helps reduce the effects of swelling. The best way to eliminate moisture from your laminated flooring is to install a subfloor first. When moisture comes through the porous concrete it hits the air gap created by the membrane and is simply drained away to the drainage system.

LIQUIDATORS.TV Installing Laminate Floors

Installing laminate floors eliminates the need to nail or glue your floor in place. It is also a very attractive, low cost and long lasting flooring option. When installing laminate floors always adhere to all manufacturer installation and application instructions. Installing laminate floors can be done above, below or on grade. Installing laminate floors can be used in any room in the house and in most commercial areas as long as they are flat and in solid condition. Installing laminate floors can be done over concrete, wood, ceramic tile and even your existing linoleum floor. Even though laminate floors can be installed in any room in the house, they should not be installed in garages or on outside porches. The biggest reason for this is moisture. Moisture and laminate floors do not mix. Just because your laminate floors are resistant to moisture and water does not mean they are unaffected by them. With this in mind, special precautions should be used when installing laminate floors in some areas such as bathrooms with showers or mudrooms. When installing laminate floors you should use a vapor barrier. Some low-density poly's used as vapor barrier Installing laminate floors planks.. The best moisture barrier, when installing laminate floors, is 24 mil high-density polyethylene. The following are a few good reasons:

• Permanent Moisture protection
• Creates a drainage path for moisture
• Increases the life of your laminate floors
• Fast and easy to install
• Makes floors softer to walk on
• Environmentally friendly
• Prevents surface condensation
• Lifts floor temperature so it becomes room temperature as opposed to concrete slab temperature

All manufacturers have specific requirements for their products in regards to installing laminate floors, so you should check with your manufacturer before installing the floor. Once you have finished installing your laminate floors you can walk on them immediately. However, some manufactures suggest waiting 12 to 24 hours before you using them.

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