Flooring Liquidators export flooring worldwide. Our Export Division makes sure that all your country's specifications and/or requiremets are met completely prior to shipping. At Flooring Liquidators and Liquidators.tv we work with you every step of the way. Our goal is to provide you with the best of goods and customer service possible. We provide all our customers with our 100% Total Satisfaction Guarantee Policy, so they can rest assure that they are only getting the best from Flooring Liquidators.

This is not only our 100% Total Satisfaction Guarantee, but also our promise from us to you...... Antonio, President and CEO with 16 years of experience in exporting to global markets. We provide advice on GSP (General System of Preferences) and regional preferential import duty structures, as well as all the following services:

Sales Area:
USA, Middle East, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Greece, Malta, Crete Spain, Italy, Mexico, Latin America, Caribbean, Mexico, Southern Europe, Eastern Europe, SE Asia, Latin America

The export trade requires many complex shipping and banking documents, executed in a precise and efficient manner. We organize and distribute documentation and information between suppliers, customers, and their agents. We take our job seriously.

Our communication with you will be clear, concise and timely. The success of our customers' business and ultimately our success depends on our ability to act quickly and accurately

the flooring liquidators distributes domestic and international flooring and lumber; provides a full line engineered wood products to retail lumber yards, dealers and distributors; distributes hardwood lumber and panel products as well as other industrial wood products to furniture and cabinet manufactures and other OEM markets; provides treated wood poles and piling to utility companies and contractors;

For more information on each product category, use the product category links to www.liquidators.tv

  • Solid, precise information for making purchasing decisions in a fast-paced global market
  • Complete international banking facilities and terms of sale options
  • Language proficency in English, Spanish, French, Arabic
  • Availability of full container shipments, breakbulk shipments