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LIQUIDATION Skincare Products by the famous dermatologist Dr. ComengeSOLD
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LIQUIDATION Skincare Products by the famous dermatologist Dr. Comenge<font size="3" color="red"><B>SOLD<BR>Thank You!</B></font>

We just received a shipment of BioActive Skincare Products for men and women by the famous dermatologist Dr. Comenge. This product retails in fine department stores for $59 to $95 and up. This truckload contains 5,000 pcs of BioTexture Eye Creams, BioTexture Day Creams with SPF 15, BioTexture Night Creams, Post Shaving Moisturizer, BioTexture Activator to tone, stimulate and texturize, and BioTexture Pure Wash. We have approximately 1,800gift sets retails for $62.50, Fully assembled Essential Beginnings kits: 1712 Men's Post Shave (200ml full size): 2114 Activator (women's toner, 125ml full size): 1754 Night Cream (50ml, full size): 318 Expired day creams: 5) Day cream for Men, SPF 15(50ml, full size): 813 6) Women's Day, SPF 15 (50ml, full size): 67 In addition, there are the unassembled makings of Essential Beginnings kits. 15ml day cream: 387 15ml pure wash (cleanser): 230 15ml activator (toner): 264 Endocrinologist, Dr. Jose Comenge, a specialist in metabolism, hormones and the triggers of aging, is the first doctor to study the meaning of youthful, beautiful skin from the inside out. The Dr. Comenge Bio Texture skin care system uses advanced biotechnology to create bio-mimetic proteins that persuade skin make its own moisture. Skin texture changes profoundly. It becomes perfectly hydrated, with the glow of youth. Dr. Comenge's goal is to help you extend your 'sensual skin span', for skin that is soft, supple and beautifully vibrant for years longer.I'm not a jealous person (especially of men), but as I sat across the table from Dr. José Lladós-Comenge chatting about his new skincare line, I found myself more envious than I had ever been. His skin was flawless, exceptionally soft and smooth. I wanted to reach out and touch it. "Skin is a powerful motivator," he told me. "If you're skin looks good, you feel good." As an endocrinologist breaking into the dermatologist-dominated, doctor-branded skincare business, Dr. Comenge offers an interesting twist. His approach to skincare: Reclaiming the skin's youthful appearance while simultaneously improving its sensory capabilities. "Skin is our largest sense organ. It is full of nerves that directly send information to the rest of the body," he explains. And according to the doctor, when you improve skins receptivity, it can better protect itself against stress, pollutants, and other offenders. Armed with unique credentials, an innovative approach to skincare and a line of high-performance products, this doctor is ready to redefine the term "touch-me" skin

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