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swimming pool or lighting "<font size="3" color="red"><B>SOLD<BR>Thank You!</B></font>

Imagine the endless possibilities awaiting hotel and restaurant owners who are seeking creative ways to accessorize their interior and exterior décor. Picture half a dozen BLOOM! situated around your landscaping, swimming pool or lighting the pathway to a beach party. Fill them with ice to chill wine, champagne and other beverages. BLOOM! would be delightful in a garden-themed children’s room or nursery. BLOOM! can even be converted to a table by putting a plate of glass on top of the flowerpot after filling it with a live plant, seashells, or anything that fills your imagination. The piece breakdown is as follows: 293 Small Pots.... 16" high Breakdown of small pots by colors 19 Red 80 Orange 48 Pink 44 Purple 44 Turquoise 51 Lime 7 White 633 Large pots ....23" high Breakdown of Large Pots by color 90 Red 76 Orange 106 Pink 134 Purple 133 Turquoise 94 Lime All equipped with Adapters and they are all brand new and in working order. If you have any interest in the pots, let me know asap. liquidation for $10.000

Email Friend List Price: $125,000.00
Price: $10,000.00

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